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  1. Hi, Any news about this issue? We still can't uninstall the software... Could you please provide us with a fix? Thank you, Kind regards
  2. Hi Thanks for your reply. So in App & Features when I click on Uninstall, I have the notification "would you like CCleaner Browser Installer to make modification" blabla. I click Yes and nothing happens. Nothing at all No window appearing. I tried also to find the uninstaller file manually in the explorer: still nothing happens when I click on "setup.exe" in the "installer" folder. I'm sorry I don't remember how precisely I installed it, I don't have the installer. I guess it was with CCleaner itself, not sure... Let me know if you need more information!
  3. Hi, Is there any news on this issue? Thank you
  4. Hi! Could you help us to uninstall properly our browser please? thank you
  5. Hello there, I have the same issue, impossible to uninstall CCleaner Browser by any method! I also have an error in the "about" section, maybe it's linked? "code d'erreur 3: 0x80040154 -- system level" Here is my diagnostic: "executable_path=C:\Program Files (x86)\CCleaner Browser\Application\CCleanerBrowser.exe profile_path=C:\Users\arfuf\AppData\Local\CCleaner Browser\User Data\Default os_version=Windows 10 v1909 (x64) av_version= host_prefix= browser_version=80.0.3576.125 (Official Build (64-bit)) cgid= cid= uid=cdcfbc2f65194e259bca963
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