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  1. Dear Developers, please fix this bug! http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=30270
  2. this is a bug! Ccleaner shouldn't clean the scriptStorage
  3. Yes, awesome browser! but there is a bug with Ccleaner! Ccleaner is cleaning the scriptsorage of Opera I need to disable cleaning of Opera cookies to prevent cleaning of "Adblock" rules/filters
  4. Agree. Adding a right click file shredder will make CCleaner a complete privacy software. At the moment i use other soft. to freeing HDD space and for right click shredding. Thanks.
  5. Someone els problems with SECURE FILE DELETION? If i chek secure deletion, CCleaner close automaticly.(crash) Normal file deletion works fine. Windows XP Pro. CCleaner v 1.39.502 Sorry for my bad English.
  6. ogy


    Thanks JDPower, Very nice tool
  7. ogy


    Context menu file shredder. I think it wil be nice future Sorry for my bad English
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