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  1. my OS is (Windows 8.1 pro) and i have HDDs with capacity more than 1 TB like one is 8 TB and there is more but i only try one HDD. but i have defrag most of my HDDs before from windows and i can do more than one at the same time but it take a lot of time at the 1st time i did them and i will go back to windows for now.
  2. thanks for replying so fast i appreciate it. i think the defraggler did his job after one day of running (the HDD is 1 TB) i did not shutdown anything just kept watching the task manager and now i see that there is no activity on my HDD so i think it's safe to end the task from task manager (the Defraggler is still not responding) maybe i'll wait more i don't have to do anything right now but i don't think that i will use Defraggler again if it's not fixed.
  3. same Issue here. Windows 8.1 pro & latest Defraggler just download it from site. i have more than 6 HDD and i when i start 1 of them i click on the next one and it froze. and now i'm not sure what to do? i do not want to end the program and harm my HDD! Task Manager still shows 100% active on my HDD
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