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  1. Great reply! Thank you Andavari. Problem solved. Hm, Avast?? > What's any software, game, OS, etc., phoning home for: Updates, but mostly Telemetry. Well, yes, I admit the second was a rhetorical question... EDIT - It seems I can't edit the subject and add [SOLVED] to the subject. Maybe Google will find it here too. SOLVED SOLVED SOLVED 2020
  2. @Dave CCleaner Indeed, it's a firewall rule. Thanks! And indeed, corporate guidelines that for the time being I am still able to circumvent. I found the rule and disabled it - and Ccleaner started quickly as usual. As soon as the rule was reinstated , here's the slow start again. MicroRant(TM): Couldn't Ccleaner give up more quickly on getting an Internet connection? What's it needed for, besides? I'm used to update everything manually anyway. Manual updates and short leash on all connections is part of my KeepItClean(TM) philosophy. Only half joking.
  3. Hello, I have 2 issues. First issue: I'm not the only one with this problem, apparently. I'm on Windows 10 Enterprise kept up to date. I've looked for solutions in the latest threads, but the suggested workarounds don't work for me. Ccleaner 5.66.7716 is very slow to launch: about 10 seconds from SSD. It wasn't always like this. Second issue: the links in the Recycle Bin context menu (Open Ccleaner/Run Ccleaner) point to the 32 bit version. I wonder why it gets installed at all on a 64-bit system? Maybe the installer should be corrected.
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