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  1. I downloaded this set of programs a few days ago. I ran CCleaner, then ran Defragger, as recommended. The program initially told me that my HDD was 11% fragmented, so I ran the full Defrag. It took over 24 hours, and when it was finished, I re-booted my program, started Defragger again and had it analyze the drive. It tole me that the disk was 21% fragmented. I ran the quick defrag, and when it was done, ran the CClean program again, re-booted, and ran Defragger a third time After another 24+ hours, the program finished, and I did another analyze, with the result that Defragger told me my disk was 34% fragmented. I tried one more full defrag, and after another 24 hour run, Defragger tole me that the defrag was complete. I again did a re-boot, analyzed the drive again, only to have Defragger tell me that the drive was 46% fragmented. Just for fun, I ran an analysis with a- different defrag program, and this confirmed that the drive was 46% fragmented. I'm thinking that I am not getting my money's worth out of Defragger, which was supposedly rated as the #1 defrag program for 2020. Anyone else experiencing similar problems?
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