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  1. Obviously you don't know there is a difference between cell phone data add Hotspot data. Even if you have unlimited data you don't have unlimited hotspot data. My plan has unlimited data but it will cap out at 75 GB. At that point they will slow the speed down extremely . But my Hotspot data only has 20 GB before they'll slow it down. Using the third-party software I'm able to mask me using Hotspot data. So instead of being caped at 20 Gigabytes. I now have 75 gigabytes to play with.
  2. It's registered. I know what the problem is. I live in Cherokee, NC. AKA the rez. So the land line internet is slow here. But cellphone data is faster, but very limited for hotspot. There is a way to connect your phone and use the normal data (not hotspot data) with {name removed}. You have to put the program on both phone and PC to work. Will even tho everything works, BUT THIS PROGRAM. But when I connect to my slow landline internet your program works. (So the section that says speed it up I have to slow it down.) I suggest changing the way you verify if there's internet.
  3. I am having the same problem. It's grayed out. It's the reason I paid for it, and it don't work
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