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  1. I have used CCleaner for several years. All works well until i purchased a package deal of a ccleaner pro last week and defrag and some other app in the bundle (it was only a few dollars more to get the bundle than just ccleaner pro) . So when i installed the bundle that's when ccleaner disappeared from the system tray. Minimise to tray option is checked but no go. When i installed the bundle you do have the option not to install specific packages in the bundle..i deselected ccleaner as it was already installed and the other app ..i just wanted defragggler. Anyway it updated the license detail of ccleaner with the new bundle license and wont stay in the tray. i uninstalled ccleaner, reinstalled and it picked up the bundle license key and still wont stay in the tray. Another mystery that i will work on one late night
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