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  1. And now all is well, CCleaner Portable 5.66.7716 is now creating and saving the .ini for settings, and with no changes to my Windows 10 setup I know not why, or what, was fixed/changed.
  2. After rebooting this morning: The 565 Configuration settings file I have borrowed for 566 already has HomeScreen=2 Settings changes in 566 are properly saved in 565 "Configuration settings" file. So, 566 just needs to include the missing "Configuration settings" file in the ccsetup566 portable zip to be complete and properly save settings.
  3. Some further checking: A missing altogether "Configuration settings" file in 566 was one problem, a simple copy and paste of my 565 file into the 566 folder allows previous saved 565 "Options" choices, but further changes in 566 are not saved by 566 into the "Configuration settings" file.
  4. CCleaner Portable 5.66.7716 Still trying, but still versions after 5.65.7632 do not save settings. Try this in Options - Settings, check "Custom Clean", close CCleaner, open CCleaner, now "Custom Clean" is not checked.
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