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  1. not sure if ccleaner is blocked or there's a bug/ you can not see any comment at all using cc browser on youtube. google chrome works. did youtube block CC browser? even logged into google youtube will not show or allow comments with CC. it wasn't just the upgrade [89.1.8899.93] it started with the last version on 040421/
  2. desktop did the update crashes won't close even in task manager please fix asap
  3. I thought of restoring the whole thing, and I did make a back up (somewhere around here) - but at this point I'm sure something would go wrong. I keep wondering if I should just get a different OS.
  4. Edge Chrom wasn't built in - I have an old version of win10 - I downloaded, installed it, then uninstalled it, now there are traces left I can't get rid of. The old edge is built in, that's still there, I use it seldom but ccleane makes it all go away not so, as you can see in the picture with edge chrom
  5. I uninstalled Edge chrom, but it's still popping up in cc. how do I get rid of all traces of Edge chrom? something in regedit? When I clean all other browsers in cc they are gone from sight, except edge chrom, it never leaves. same for a few sites when I clean the the cookies in cc. ms, yahoo. twitter - no matter how many time I clear the cookies they are always there even when I do n not visit those pages and I haven't saved them on the right side. is there a list of registry entries I can delete, or is there something in the cc .ini I can delete or enter? I also have autoruns anything in there I can uncheck? thanks
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