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  1. Yes my virus updates have been updated automatically this morning and another error message has just been pushed out at 10:39.
  2. Please could you advise why Kaspersky Internet Security is identifying CCLeaner as Adware please. 01.05.2020 08.39.32 Download blocked https://ccleanr.net/api/config/?id=lbpddeimojmbpkbfckjpnbpehgnbpnnl&version=1.3.2&lt=1015667874&uid=747eaa1e-4542-391a-8c43-6d0e3b9462d5&r=1588318771848 Object name: not-a-virus:HEUR:AdWare.Script.Generic Object: https://ccleanr.net/api/config/?id=lbpddeimojmbpkbfckjpnbpehgnbpnnl&version=1.3.2&lt=1015667874&uid=747eaa1e-4542-391a-8c43-6d0e3b9462d5&r=1588318771848 Application: Google Chrome Object type: Adwa
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