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  1. @nukecad Thanks for the comprehensive answer!
  2. I never used the Pro Trial version before, but found out that also the Slim version had been updated (new Hash). After installation of ccsetup5.66.7716_slim.exe (free), so far everything looks OK. Will keep you posted in case new problems will arise. What I don't understand is, what has the Pro Trial version to do with the Slim version?!
  3. Sorry, have not tried it out as I deinstalled latest version and went back to ccsetup5.65.7632_slim. I Just can confirm, as JMallorca, that I also had error reports in Win10 Reliability Monitor
  4. I can confirm bug described by nontrade and JMallorca When opening Ccleaner it closes by itself within 2 seconds. No action to run or select a task possible. Previous version ccsetup5.65.7632_slim works without any problems. No changes in Win10 user account made between installation of Cleaner 5.65 and 5.66. Effected version: ccsetup5.66.7705_slim.exe (free) System: Win10 1903 built 18362.778 (latest updates) Anti-Virus: NortonLifeLock Anti-Virus did neither identify Ccleaner 5.66 as virus nor did it block it.
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