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  1. I am aware that it will not clean Chrome files if Chrome is open. I wanted to point out that this was the only time the program did not crash in user mode - although i could not replicate that. I normally work on the computer with my account that has user privileges only - and CCleaner is crashiing when run normally. If I right clicked to run it with administrator privileges on that account (not in my admin account), it did not crash. My comment is that CCleaner is NOT WORKING when it is an account with non-admin status and not running in Adminstrator mode. (BTW, I have a BSCS and cyber background and sorry fr the typo in the title at midnight)
  2. I downloaded and installed the newest version (running Windows 10). When I started CCleaner at the end of the day, it would start to open to the main desktop and then almost close after no more than 2 seconds. This was when I was running in user (non-administrator) privileges. I tried it several times to prove that it wasn't an operator error. When I right clicked and ran the program in administrator mode, the program seemed to work as usual. I used this to delete all the files. But then I tried user mode again, it stayed up and I clicked "analyze". It should have shown very few files to be deleted. I had a Chrome browser open (writing this note) . But when I ran an analysis, it showed that there were files to be deleted - about what it showed before I ran the program in administrator mode. So I am not sure it did any cleaning at all. Then without making any changes, I tried again to open up CCleaner and got the same shutdown. And when running again in Administrator mode, it did not show any of the files.
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