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  1. Rolling back through previous versions until the problem goes away could feasibly work for both of us However, I do agree he should have started his own Topic. It is different enough from mine to be considered a "hijack" of the thread on some forums.
  2. CCleaner v2.35.1223 the cleaner is cleaning out cookies I would prefer to keep. The cookies are NOT listed in either pane when I go to Options > Cookies If I uncheck either or both Temporary Internet Files and Cookies they are still being deleted I have created NO custom inclusions for cleaning When I look at the internet cache files I can see the cookies in question before running the cleaner C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files here is some system info ***OS Version Information*** -Major Version: 6 -Minor Version: 0 -Build Number: 6002 -Platform: Windows Vista -CSDVersion: Service Pack 2 -Bit Width:32 SlimBrowser Version: 5.00.092 IE Version: 8.0.6001.18928 IE8 Mode: 0 SlimBrowser Interface Language:English US Default OS Language:English US Total Memory:2046MB
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    A really small thing here. I notice the Map Drive Legend is missing the gray or light blue color which if I had a guess is being used to denote blocks containing non fragmented data as well as free space not yet used. cheers
  4. One of the best programs available just keeps getting better. Nice job on the new front end.
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