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  1. Thanks for the advice. I've submitted a request using the form. Mark
  2. Ok, so Recuva doesn't do the basic thing you would expect it to be able to - recover files. I know my removable hard drive has files on it (I was able to view photos use a free scan download). However, Recuva gives up when it says it cannot recognise the file structure. What use is that ? I left a question on here yesterday, but a review of multiple similar posts suggest no one ever responds. I want to get my money back please. Mark
  3. Hi, I have just bought Recuva Professional because I want to retrieve files from an old external hard drive. I used a free download (not Recuva) to scan the disk, so I know there are approximately 7,000 files that are candidates to be recovered. However Recuva will not read the drive at all, but gives me an error message saying that drive cannot be read. Has anyone else seen this issue ? Cheers, Mark
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