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  1. Sorry for my confusion, I really appreciate your patience. I'm not the most tech savy person but I think it means the deleted and live file share the same clusters, so recovering it brings up the overwritten live file which has none of the deleted files data. That data is gone for good. My issue is, why is the deleted image data still intact if it's been overwritten and gone for good? I select 'Recover Checked' I choose to recover it in a folder It's recovered with all its original image data is still there, the same as it was before the Secure Overwrite.
  2. I think I understand, so the live file is elsewhere and keeping the deleted data alive? I need to find it and secure overwrite it?
  3. Hi Augeas, thanks for your reply! I don't think I explained it properly. I'm trying to Secure Overwrite a png image. If Recuva worked, when I recover the Overwritten image with Recover Highlighted: it should be an unreadable file with the original data gone even if it's recovered. What's happening is when I recover the Overwritten image with Recover Highlighted: it recovers the image completely intact with all its visuals and original data. I don't know why the initial Secure Overwrite didn't work as the png image is recoverable with all original visual data, instead of an unre
  4. Sometimes Secure Overwrite works and when I try to Recover Highlighted after, it's unrecoverable (as it should be). However sometimes it doesn't work. Certain files I want gone forever are marked as Unrecoverable and "This file is overwritten with", but when I choose to recover them with Recover Highlighted, they still get recovered. This shouldn't be happening. When I try to Secure Overwrite the "This file is overwritten with" file again, Recuva won't let me and gives me the message "File is already overwritten by existing file(s)". I need these specific files gone, how can I fix th
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