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  1. I use CCleaner and the Health Check. And it does a great job of deleting them. My problem is that I get too many of them. I can do all my cleanups and shut down my computer, and the next day, when I boot it up, there are 66 trackers on there before I make the first mouse movement. What I'm looking for are ways to prevent the trackers from installing on my compute. I appreciate your reply and your help. Fredzillb
  2. I have enabled the ccleaner browser ad blocker, plus I have Ghostery, plus I have a VPN, but I still get a minimum of 66 trackers every time I go online. Even after I clean them out, when I first boot up I still have 60 or more trackers before I even get started. Is there a way I can eliminate the trackers? Thanks for any and all help. FredzillaB
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