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  1. New updated CCleaner [ V5.68.7820 (64 bit) Windows 7 Ultimate ] Context menu "Run Cleaner" for recycle bin no longer functions. It is still there but if I click it, it throws error "Application Not Found" How do I fix this error?
  2. I stopped 0patch agent and service completely and newly installed CCleaner just crashes on start. I also disabled all reference to ccleaner in Opatch settings prior to new install. I do not think 0Patch has anything to do with crashes. For now I will just revert to older version of CCleaner. Since upgrades are not an option wish I could turn off the nag screen telling me there is a new broken upgrade I can't use. Win 7 X64
  3. Yes and no. I do have 0patch installed but when I am installing CCleaner it is disabled so I cannot see how that causes a crash? I killed the process in task manager.
  4. today I updated to 565 version and CCleaner just crashes will not start. Did an uninstall and a clean reinstall. It simply will not function. Downloaded 5.63 and installed that. It works fine. So for now not able to apply any updates to my PC. Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. 32 M Ram. Bitdefender AV ( I tried disable has no effect one way or the other )
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