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  1. Are you sure, you are using the latest version on both computers?, If not than check versions of both browsers than update the older one.
  2. Generally you can do this by going to security and center: Than find the anti-tracking mode to set it off or on. Follow the screenshot https://filesmint.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/CCleaner_Browser_Screenshot.jpg
  3. It is very simple: Find IDMGCExt.crx file in IDM installation Folder. Open extensions page in CCleaner Browser Drag the file into extension page and confirm the installation That's it
  4. The browser is using chromium engine so we can guess that it should have Google Account sign in. So there are two ways to save bookmarks to other computer including sync data with email account and other one is to export and than import bookmarks manually.
  5. You can drag & drop the bookmarks with mouse one by one. It is better if you attack an image of bookmarks in other browser. So we will help you effectively.
  6. Double check whether My Computer properties is showing same value?. Because mostly 32 bit will show 3 or 4 GB of RAM. So if you are using 32 bit OS environment than you should install OS with 64 bit environment to use all 11 GB RAM.
  7. Mike Aurthor


    Your PC is causing by heat up problems. This is due to several reasons: Processor need paste because it's heating up Fans are causing by dust Motherboard needs an blower action to clean it's dust Increase PC's RAM Uninstall the program which is using more CPU resources
  8. You have 2 options e.g. browse website one by one and mark them as bookmarked one by one. Second option is import bookmark file and you will find all previous bookmarks in Edge browser.
  9. It is depending on your license e.g. valid for 1 year, 5 year or lifetime. You can check the expiration date from ccleaner's about section.
  10. Thanks, now I will sync browser history with email account in future
  11. I just download and use CCleaner for the first time but I was shocked after seeking that it has deleted all of my browsing history. Is there any way to recover them back and exclude browser from CCleaner cleaning list? Cheers
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