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  1. Re: Me too; I have been using both TrendMicro Maximum Security and CCleaner for years, but after the update sometime in March 2020, (in V 16.0 anyway), that is ... ...Something changed somewhere. I don't know where the change occurred, but the white-listing in Trend, did solve the problem.
  2. I did have to to whitelist ccleaner in trend micro. I already did have the latest TrendMicro installed, but I reinstalled it anyway and still had the issue until after white-listing CCleaner in TrendMicro. Thanks!
  3. Also Trend is up to date. I always check for updates first thing of the day when I first turn on PC. Trend always automatically updates when checking for updates when there are any updates.
  4. Trend Micro MaximumSecurity. Whenever Trend blocks anything, it has a popup. There was no popup of any kind, Trend nor any other. The older V 5.64 CCleaner opens with Trend running.
  5. ccleaner won't open after downloading and installing Version 5.65 update. I have an up to date Windows 10 Pro, 64 installed and it's working good with other programs and also CCleaner Version 5.64. Issue is that after downloading the CCleaner installation file, (Free Version), and install it with the install wizard as per normal, when I try to open CCleaner, it will not start. There is the little Microsoft blue spinning 'doughnut' as is normal just before the program starts, (always there, is normal), but the 'doughnut' disappears, (again is normal immediately before CCleaner starts). However, the doughnut goes away and CCleaner (new V 5.65), does not start at all. There is no error code either. I ended up doing a disaster recovery from a backup disk to the computer to get the old version, (v 5.64) back. I did this twice. The first time about a week ago and the second time today.
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