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  1. I have the same problem. After the update to v5.65, ccleaner could not be opened anymore. I also tried the Portable version. Since I had to reinstall my PC anyway because of problems, I didn't care. After the reinstallation, however, the same problem again. After reading here that it might have something to do with the virus scanner, I tried it right away. If Trend Micro is completely closed, ccleaner v 5.65 can be opened, otherwise not (also Portable!). ccleaner v5.64 works without any problems! Win10 pro 10.0.18363 Trend Micro Maximum Security v16.0 ... Update OK, who can read is clearly in advantage... After I have included ccleaner in the whitelist of the TMMS it works again. Funnily enough, I've never raised problems with ccleaner and TrendMicro and I've been using both forever...
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