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  1. Not only did I get the pop up reminding me that business use is forbidden, now I get email notifications of new comments. Is there any way to turn off all of this?
  2. Dave & Stephen CCleaner, So, the answer is "go get a cold one from the fridge"? Seriously, can I ignore the pop-up? What is the worst that can happen? Byron, in Ohio.
  3. I have used CCleaner (free) for years. I trust it because it has never caused damage to my system, unlike some other cleaners. A three weeks ago, my motherboard, a used HP Z-230 workstation board,died. I purchased & installed a used ASUS Z 97 motherboard. Everything was fine until today when I got a pop up from Piriform saying I must buy a business license. That is a mistake,right? I'm 78 years old, retired. Don't really need this. What caused it and is there an on-line way to correct it?
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