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  1. Nukecad, Thank you for quick response. 1. I am good with ZZZ files as they are now non-readable even when downloaded. 2. As far as "Not Deleted" files are concerned, I had run the CCleaner using "Wipe MFT Free Space" option to securely delete the files. I found that, there is a View option in Windows Explorer (see attached screenshot) that makes you enable to see hidden folders, files, and protected operating system files. This helped me to see the "$RECYCLE.BIN" folder and subfolders in external hard drive in Windows Explorer where "Not Deleted" files (see Recuva screenshot from my previous posting) were hidden, the same showed up in Recuva earlier. I securely deleted these files from "$RECYCLE.BIN" folder again and I ran Recuva with "Deep Scan" and "scan for non-deleted files" option and they didn't show up. Do you think I should be good now? Thanks
  2. Hello, I wanted to permanently securely delete some files in hard drive, so I ran "Drive Wiper" in CCleaner with settings "Free Space Only", "Complex Overwrite (7 passes)", "Wipe MFT Free Space" with "Wipe Alternate Data Streams" and "Wipe Cluster Tips" check-boxes selected. It ran over night and successfully completed, when I ran Recuva with "Show Securely Overwritten files" and "Scan non-deleted files" options, it brought up files with ZZZ files (with status: Excellent and comment: No overwritten clusters detected.) and a bunch of non-deleted files (with status: Non-deleted with comment: No overwritten clusters detected.). I have two questions. 1. Are ZZZ files securely deleted and unrecoverable? Why status is showing "Excellent" in Recuva? When I downloaded them, they are 1 kb files and doesn't show any contents. 2. Why files are still showing as "Not Deleted" in Recuva, when right-clicked the "Secure Overwrite" option is grayed out, when I downloaded them, they successfully downloaded and I could open the files and see the contents. I would want to delete these files, please help me how could I securely delete these non-deleted files? I have a few screenshots attached here for the CCleaner settings and Recuva results showing ZZZ and Non-deleted files. Your quick response would be appreciated. Thanks.
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