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  1. Popeye69: WORKED!! Many thanks. Now off to my wife's PC. Smiles. Tim D
  2. nukecad. I just downloaded from the page you suggested . CCleaner still would not open.
  3. nukecad. Just checked and I do have version 16.0.1302 so now on to the second link. Smiles. Tim D
  4. Nukecad, Thanks. I'll take a look at both sites. . I'll let you know if I have success. If I can get something to work then I can impress my wife as well.Smiles.
  5. Trend Micro Maximum Security. I have version 16.0 which I believe is the latest.
  6. On March 25 I downloaded and installed version 5.65 of the free version of CCleaner. I have been using CCleaner for several years. After the download CCleaner would not open. Today (3/29)I deinstalled CCleaner and reinstalled 5.65 with the same result - it will not open. I am on Windows 10. Thanks and smiles.
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