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  1. That sounds like a harmless thing to try, thank you.
  2. Thank you hazelnut. Not what I hoped to hear but I thought that would be the answer. I suppose being desperate doesn't change things much. You're right, Piriform does need to warn us and provide more information. I've used CCleaner for more years than I can remember and this time it was very destructive. So much so, I'm not sure I can trust the combination of me and it on the same computer. Thanks for the response and the threads.
  3. I ran health check for the first time and it deleted and changed far more than CC Cleaner every has. It destroyed my board layout in Pinterest and even deleted or lost the links to my secret boards. I'm not sure where this information was stored. This is 100s of hours, years of work. I hesitate to look at my other commonly used internet sites that have my settings or thru my laptop computer for other 'damage'. I figure leaving things as they are might improve my odds of restoring to the 'before Health Check' version. If there is any possible way to restore the changes by Health Check, any sugg
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