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  1. Hi I have just rebooted my computer after shutting down a few hours ago and upon rebooting I have a trial version of CCleaner - not the pro version I paid for last year. My CCleaner pro license is valid until July of 2020. Not really sure why this has happened. I've re-registered via CCleaner's options, and am back to the pro version - it is however a little frustrating this has happened. M
  2. Can also confirm whitelisting the CCleaner folder in Trend Micro Version 16.0.1302 via exclusion list is now working at my end. Cheers. M.
  3. Thanks dafj. Whitelisting didn't work for me. But great to see that it worked for you, and there's another potential fix!
  4. Glad it worked for you dafj. Thanks to TM's Cha for the simple fix. Hopefully TM and CC can get their heads together and work out a permanent solution. M
  5. Hi again. I can confirm that the problem quite possibly lies with the latest version of Trend Micro version 16.0.1302, or perhaps a software clash between the latest versions of CCleaner and Trend Micro. All I ended up doing to get CCleaner to work was 1. Click on the system tray. 2. Right Clicked Trend Micro, and then 3. exited out of Trend Micro, and CCleaner worked straight away (without having to restart windows). The minute I turned Trend Micro back on, CCleaner stopped working again. Exiting back out of Trend once more using the above 3 steps, CCleaner once again worked straight away. Hope that might help some of you with Trend Micro version 16.0.1302 who are having the same issue. Would be great if CCleaner staff and Trend Micro staff could get together and figure out what's up here - because the two programs compliment each other reasonably well; depending on your antivirus prefernce of course. M.
  6. Hi Like many other users I seem to be experiencing the same issues with CCleaner not loading. If I open the Task Manager and click on CCleaner, it will briefly appear in the background processes before disappearing after a couple of seconds. I initially tried installing CCleaner again (briefly worked one time), then uninstalling, the reinstalling but no luck in getting CC working as yet. I have a paid subscription to the Pro home user version - but have yet to receive a reply from customer support, possibly due to time zone differentials? I'm running the latest updated version of Windows 10 (March 2020 (1909 (2)), and Trend Micro version 16.0.1302, but am having trouble reconciling how Trend could be the main issue at hand. There seems to be other CCleaner users with different antivirus programs having the same issue. Whitelisting CCleaner in Trend Micro has not worked either. It would be great to get some idea as to when this issue might be resolved, if it's the latest version of CCleaner that's the main issue. Thanks M
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