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  1. So now that there is a 5.66 version, does that resolve the issue?
  2. Thanks, I paid for the Pro version, but now have to use the free v. 5.64.
  3. No, adding CCleaner to the exception list of your anti-virus (Trend Micro) Did Not Work, that's why I had to go back to v. 5.64 to do the cleaning.
  4. Stay with 5.64 in Free mode That's what I will do, stay with 5.64 free. Does anyone plan to fix this? How will we know? A downloadable 5.64 won't be out there forever.
  5. I have reinstalled 5.64 from File Hippo. I was on the Pro version but don't know if I still am or not.
  6. How does one re-install version 5.64?
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