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  1. I just paused McAfee. CCleaner will still not respond. Clicking the CCleaner icon briefly gives the "loading circle" icon for a second or two and then it stops without loading. The other Piriform programs (Speccy, Recuva etc) still open and work fine. Thanks.
  2. My CCleaner Pro has also stopped working. I have McAfee AV not TrendMicro. I have CCleaner Pro and McAfee. My OS is Windows 7 pro updated by 0Patch Pro. Just noticed yesterday that ccleaner has stopped working. I had it on automatic clean at the closing of the browser. Not only does it no longer do the automatic clean but clicking on the CCleaner icon will not open or activate the program. I have tried downloading the latest version and re-installing it but the problem continues with no change. Any advice or information is appreciated.
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