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  1. Talked with an agent of Trend Micro this morning about what they meant about that. His answer "No, it is chromebook, a type of operating system, but we've updated our software and it is also compatible with chromebook users". It's not about Chrome browser.
  2. I only mentioned Malwarebytes to eliminate this program as being a potential problem. My AV Trend Micro is always up to date on my computer. I have Trend for years now and never had a problem with CCleaner/Trend Micro. With so many having problem with CCleaner v5.65 I would suggest that CCleaner is the problem...
  3. I have this problem with version 5.65 and I don't have Malwarebytes installed at all. New computer with Windows 10 Home and AV Trend Micro Antivirus+ for years with old computer as well. Never had this kind of problem before. Only with version 5.65. Rolled back to v 5.64. and all is OK.
  4. Downloaded free version 5.65 and have the same problem. I also have Trend Micro Antivirus+ Had to re-install version 5.64.
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