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  1. i too have this same problem and was one of the first to report it after the March 2020 update. I have the Pro version and am a paid subcriber. I also have windows 10 and trend micro. It appears to me to open like once a day. sometimes it will open and run, but if you try to open it again say an hour later you can't. This was not a problem prior and you could open it repeatedly all day long before this last update. I have tried to re-download the trila version and of course it re-installs. still happens. This only started after last update from CCleaner. There were no updates from Trend Micro during that time. I don't think any windows updates. so it is definitely a glitch here upon opening it. You can't open it from the desktop shortcut. sometimes you can open it from the start menu and get a run in. at this point it would be hard to even get a fix as if you can't open it you can't catch an update to fix it.
  2. March 2020 update issue: so i just downloaded it to my second computer and it does the exact same thing. Once it is updated you can run a scan. after that scan if you close the program, you cannot reopen. Prior versions if i mistakenly closed it, i could re-open it right away, but not after this update. something is defintely wrong with the latest update which came out today. Hopefully this can be looked at. Open it once run a scan, click on the shortcut or even the start menu again it will not open up this time. Seems like after some time has passed it will. It is almost as if something is not shutting down after you close it and it is just hanging up. Just a thought.
  3. Just opened ccleaner Pro version and it said there was an update. downloaded and updated as usual. Desktop icon wouldn't work, but opening from start menu would. after doing that once it would not do it again. Downloaded trial version from website to overinstall and it worked once. As soon as i ran a scan now it won't open again. This has never ever happened before. It was always a smooth update with no issues.
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