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  1. Fixed the problem with Trend Micro - Just add ccleaner to the exception list. Not sure I like doing that, but it works
  2. Found the problem, but not the fix. Ccleaner is being blocked from starting by my Trend Micro Maximum Security antivirus software, Version:16.0.1302.
  3. I have a paid version of ccleaner pro, installed on a Win10 system. The install seemed to have finished normal, no indication that it didn't. The program itself fails to load/start. No messages, even checked task manager and nothing, no processes or services were started. Been a user for years, never had an issue before this.
  4. I don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but after installing/updating to v5.65, ccleaner stopped working. I plan to reinstall, but any suggestion would be appreciated.
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