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  1. That should be made abundantly clear to the end user before any cleaning happens. I never would have used the feature if I knew that was the case.
  2. I ran CCleaner Health Check today for the first time (using the latest version of CCleaner). Under Custom Clean -> Applications, I have all settings for Chrome unchecked, but when the health check ran, it deleted all of my Chrome history, cookies, and open tabs (and possibly more things I didn't notice). I have Chrome sync turned off (for various reasons), and my latest manual backup is old enough to not be relevant any more, so I have to reconstruct my session state manually, which I am not looking forward to. Is there a way to recover Chrome's session state from before the cleaning? Also, it would be great if the Health Check would respect the rest of the CCleaner settings, or at the very least warn users that it is going to clean applications that are deselected in the other settings.
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