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  1. My Key has the correct expiration date when I check it on CCleaner's site. But my app did not show the proper date. Support just got back to me an manually corrected it and said one of their renewal servers was having issues. I am good to go now. Thank you!!!
  2. It is about 2 weeks since I opened my ticket (with numerous request for updates) and nothing from support yet. Surely your backlog cannot be 2 weeks and my expiration is coming due in a few days.
  3. Hi Nergal, I did email support and it took 5 days to get a response and with that is what a generic response. My key shows the proper expiration when checking it on Ccleaner website but when entered in the program it does not change my expiration. I did respond back to the generic email so hopefully they will see it. I do have 19 days to get this fixed
  4. I just renewed my license for another 2 years via cleverbridge but the new license key still shows my expiration of next month. I uninstalled CCleaner rebooted and reinstalled and the new license still shows expiration next month. Anyone else having these issues? Thanks
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