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  1. Recently I've been starting to get Web Page Extensions at various sites. Any idea what this is all about?
  2. I thought it was the provider because I got a new computer and downloaded Thunderbird and I had the SPAM folder which I didn't have before that. In addition it was a POP server before . . . now it's IMAP. Before there was no SPAM folder and all mail marked as Junk was never delivered . . . now it is. Very annoying having to clean out SPAM now. It's an extra step that I don't care for.
  3. Server Type: IMAP Mail server Server Name: imap.googlemail.com
  4. SPAM is constantly being sent to my SPAM folder. Even though I marked unwanted email as Junk I still get the same email SPAM in my SPAM folder, I thought Thunderbird stopped SPAM from going to the SPAM folder once marked as Junk. Is there a way I can stop the SPAM that had been labeled as such from going to the SPAM folder? If not, is deleting the SPAM folder an option? Thanks
  5. Whenever I start to enter my password for a site it automatically shows up. I believe I made the correct settings for my password not showing in the tools/options/security area, but it still shows up as I type. Also whenever I start to enter a word for a internet search a bunch of previous addresses show up. Again, I believe I made the proper settings for that not to happen. Am I missing something else?
  6. I went to the Control Panel and maxed out the volume level on my desk top speakers but they are still not very loud. Is there some other way to increase the volume?
  7. I'll unplug the computer before I do anything with it . . . including adding the RAM. THEN I'll turn it on. Hopefuly the computer won't blow up, let alone the house!
  8. OK . . . I'll look into purchasing more RAM. How do I determine how much to get? Is it better to get it at a local computer store or on-line? I'm assuming everyone is kidding about getting electrocuted! There are some things worth dying for . . . more RAM is not one of them!
  9. If I purchase extra memory from a company does that mean I will have to install it myself? I'm not computer savvy in that regard.
  10. Sorry . . . one more thing: this is what I found running at start up per CCleaner (I disabled Quick Time & Sun Java) Not sure what ctfmon.exe is (Anything else need to be disabled at start up?) Yes HKCU:Run ccleaner "C:\Program Files\CCleaner\ccleaner.exe" /AUTO Yes HKCU:Run ctfmon.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\ctfmon.exe Yes HKLM:Run CleanMem Mini Monitor C:\Program Files\CleanMem\Mini_Monitor.exe /startup No HKLM:Run QuickTime Task "C:\Program Files\QuickTime\QTTask.exe" -atboottime No HKLM:Run SunJavaUpdateSched "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Java\Java Update\jusched.exe" Yes Startup Common PHOTOfunSTUDIO 6.0.lnk C:\Program Files\Common Files\Panasonic\PHOTOfunSTUDIO AutoStart\AutoStartupService.exe
  11. I applied all the recommendations suggested here and my computer is performing better . . . but still slow, especially at start-up. According to CleanMem the Memory Used at start up goes well over 400 MB. Once I'm up and running the system is quicker. I'll see how things go and if I can live with it I'll stay with what I got, but if it starts to S-L-O-W down again I'll have to think about more memory and/or new computer. Thanks to all who helped and made suggestions!
  12. I'll use CCleaner to see which tasks/programs/update are run upon start up. AVAST has been on the system for several years. I use Windows Firewall. This all started when there was a huge Windows Update several months ago. I went to Geeks to Go and went through the entire process of searching for a virus and/or spyware which were not detected. The tech there thought the only other option was low memory. After getting your help here it now appears that is the case. It looks like more memory or a new computer are the only options. I'll let you know what I decide. Thanks
  13. How do I determine which process is using the most memory? CCleaner does run at start up but doesn't take much time. I don't have anything scheduled for updates on start up that I know of. AVAST updates on it's own. I used the CM icon on the desk top to open it. I'll check the settings for CM later when I'm on the home computer
  14. Regarding CleanMem in the tray. When I click on it it shows up indicating the memory and usage. But when I click on an application it disappears. I have to click on it again to appear. Is there to make it show constantly? Computer seems a little better now, but every now and then takes a long time to get going or load something. The memory used indicator goes up and down quite a bit depending on what I'm doing.
  15. Computer is running erratic. Goes from slow-to-moderate-to-fast operation, then back again. One thing I did notice was the computer opened up quicker at start up.
  16. Enable the CM system tray icon in the "General Settings". It shows what percentage of the memory is used and how effective CM is. I don't see "Enable the CM System Tray Icon" in General Settings While trying to open something, "memory used" is reaching well over 400MB and climbing and the computer is S-L-O-W and still not opening an application!
  17. OK . . . I'll be checking out my computer when I get home later and see how things are working. I'll report back on what I find Thanks!
  18. I installed Cleanmem. Do I have to do anything or does it run on it's own? What exactly am I looking for on this? Sorry for being a non-tech guy with computers . . .
  19. I did the Tweaker Install I also did "Crucial" and found I have 512 MB System seems to be running a little quicker . . . but will have to wait until later to return. Have an important meeting to attend. Will check back later
  20. RE: Task Manager My readings are in "K" Total: 335984 (fluctuates) Limit: 1277916 Peak: 384932
  21. I'm running IE 8 Total physical mem: 512mb Avail mem: 112.90 Total virtual mem: 2.00 GB Avail. VIrtual mem: 1.96 I use Firefox as a browser When first starting the computer it takes forever to load be it Firefox or email Clicking on either does nothing . . . clicking several times eventually opens numerous windows of the same thing be it Firefox or Thunderbird. Once it opens the system seems to function OK . . . but is very slow at times. I went through a complete check up at Geeks to Go and nothing was found for viruses or spyware. The tech did say it was possible it was low memory. When sta
  22. After doing numerous tests for spyware/virus with no detections, my computer is still running slow. I think it's low memory. Is there a way to check for low memory?
  23. Another question about DuckDuck and/or Startingpage: If I am on a network will this block my search history from OIT at work?
  24. Does DuckDuck & StartingPage stop viruses and spyware from infecting your system or do we still have to use common sense when viewing a web site from those search engines? The good thing about Site Advisor was that it let you know beforehand how safe a site was and it looks like WOT does the same. That's what I am looking for.
  25. I downloaded WOT and it worked but as Nergal stated it's a little "crowded". I'll go back and look at it again. Nergal: Can you tell me more about DuckDuck? Apparently it's a search engine
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