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  1. After I've been using my computer for a while, I run the new CCleaner to clear out tracking cookies, etc. CCleaner will detect them after asking me to close IE and Edge, which I do, It then says it detects 700 to 2000 tracking cookies. When I ask it to clear those out, Ccleaner says to clear IE and Edge again, indicating that either they were relaunched or that originally CCleaner didn't shut them down. Then, after I ask CCleaner to shut those down (again), it comes back with the report that it didn't clear away any of thos hundreds of those tracking cookies, etc. I have to shut down my computer, take out the battery, unplug it and let it stand for a minute and then turn it back on again in order for Ccleaner to work properly. Seems like the new CCleaner isn't designed properly.
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