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  1. Hello, I've replied to it since you sent the email.
  2. Hello, I'm the one who reported that issue since the 1st time of occurrence. till now the issue is still exist ! when you guys will be able to solve it? Regards,
  3. I've the same issue as yours. I've reported it since a while ago and till now i didn't receive any solution for it. Even through the paid support since I'm using the paid version. I've even followed many direction to solve the issue but still not able to find a solution for it. you will just keep receive an answer that the issue from your side. i think that the developers need to really check from the application side ! the issue is exist ! it's even within google search !
  4. Hello, I'm using the latest version of CCleaner Pro, I've noticed that CCleaner keep crashing from time to time. Basically I've set CCleaner to auto clear browser with notification once i close it. But sometimes i close the browser and didn't receive a notification and even find the browser history remain the same without cleaning. Once i check the system tray and hover by mouse over CCLEANER icon, i noticed it's automatically disappear ! so i believe there's a crash done from time to time.
  5. Hello, Thanks for getting back to me. Well, I've checked Task Manager -> Details and yes it's already disabled as you can see below. Regarding Group Police setting's, is already set as you can see below as well. And
  6. I've checked the other place. and the value already set but the issue still exist.
  7. Thanks for your reply. I've checked. and i do see the setting is already there, and the issue still exist.
  8. Hello, I've made a clean install for Windows 10 Pro (Latest Version 1909 18363.720). And I've installed CCleaner Professional Edition and registered it with my paid key. I've been alerted by CCleaner to disable pre-loading Microsoft EDGE. and then the system restarted to apply the changes. Now I keep getting the MSG which I've attached for you in the screenshot. I've tried multiple restart but the issue remain. How to fix that issue please? Thanks in advance. Regards,
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