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  1. tdomenech , after you download the new version go into my pc or this pc ( depending on the version of windows you have ) and you should have a folder named downloads. open that and you'll see the new version. open it and run it and your done. now i am not sure what you have , but if you have a folder titled downloads you can try there as well. once you download the new version you can delete the old download of the previous version. say V1234 is the previous version and you download the new version V1235 , you can delete V1234. to make sure you have the new version you can go into your control panel and go in your programs and it should be listed there as well. Take your time and hope this helps. Don B.
  2. Hi , i am not a newbie nor am i a guru. These things to try will not harm your computer. Have you downloaded the latest versions before ? I am taking for granted that you have. Have you tried logging into your browser as an administrator ? ( If you are the administrator of your computer ) i don't know your operating system , but have you run all of your " clean " programs such as your Anti-Virus , Malware , Adware , Spyware , etc. ? Did you manually download MSN updates if you have Windows 10 because there was a huge issue of problems. if you have auto-updates set to let Windows update automatically then it's not that. Have you recently downloaded updates on all the programs you have ? Please remember these are just things i check when something starts running differently then it did a minute ago or hours earlier or from the previous day ? Today i started my pc and found it running very slow. I went into my programs ( in the Control Panel ) and found Avast Anti-Virus in my programs. i did not download it , so it came in with some other program or a new version to a program i have and i deleted it and also deleted it from my registry and my pc started running normal again. Again , these might mean nothing to your issue because i am not a wizard on solving computer issues , but i do just fine with what i know. I see no one else has yet to suggest things to do , but there are experts that can tell you immediately what to do. I just gave you things to try that will not harm your computer , but always remember that any changes you make to your registry by mistake or just to try and fix issues to see if they work can bring massive problems where you will need an expert to fix it as it can very easily shut you down. Hope i helped you a little and best of luck. i am sure others will send in their answers and it's very possible what i told you might mean nothing. just tring to help you. Don Barajas : - )
  3. dbarajas

    License Key

    Hi Andy007 , all i can tell you is that CCleaner has a free program and a Pro Edition which you pay a yearly cost , but the free edition is , of course , free.. If you purchased the Pro Edition they send you a license key of 20 characters will alpha and numbers. You have to type in that license key into the 5 boxes and then you can use the Pro Edition if you indeed purchased it. Hope this helps. Don Barajas
  4. Hello , this is only " my " opinion. okay ?? i have had CCleaner since 2005 and we are going to upgrade the program in a few months as we may be moving. they do not , and i am referring to your comment of updating almost every time. i download their new version which comes maybe twice a month and sometimes there are 3 a month and it takes me 2 minutes. it tells me in the bottom that there's a new version and also tells me when i go to run the program and it is the fastest update to run of all my programs. maybe i am taking it the wrong way , but when you refer to all the computers is that your 10 pc's or yours & family & friends ? if they don't use them then why would you put it on theirs ? " my " opinion again. it should be on every ones pc and i am probably taking you wrong because CCleaner is on 2 billion and counting pc's worldwide and in 55 languages. Speccy is not on my pc because i download it when i have a problem and use snap shots and when i am done i delete it. no offense Piriform , but the program gets an A+ from me. i assure you i am not trying to be disrespectful , but i would charge them if you d/l the paid version and they don't even use the free one. Take Care , Don B.
  5. Hazelnut , thank you for your reply. im pretty good on pc's , but not when it comes to " fixing it. ". ive had defraggler about 3-4 months after it's release and this is the only problem ive ever had . just like the registry ,, i dont mess with it. i seek help like this .very appreciated. don barajas
  6. i dont want to be taken to the gallows pole , but answer from #2 to me was definetly no help. it says run in degug mode , but you dont know how it's done ? and #3 no disrespect , i assure you , but i dont understand what you posted , but that's my fault. the program is like 95% over when a window pops up defrag aborted. some files could not be defragged. cannot run this this. this has just started. don b. : (
  7. hello , when i remove a program from my pc and then run the registry scan , there's about 40 lines that say invalid default icon, obsolete icon , Open with Application Issue , ect. do i delete them ? AND HOW ? I would think that you do not fix them because i no longer have the program. can anyone help me on this. i would appreciate it.... don barajas
  8. dbarajas

    delete or fix

    hello , i had problems with a specific prograam and their answer was to uninstall it and then reinstall it. after doing so and running the registry scan there are about 40 items that come up after scaning the registry. such as default icon and then open application issue. do i delete these one by one? delete all at one time ? and how is that done ? or fix all and backup ? this has been really confusing to me and would appreciate anyones help on this. thank you , don barajas. happy new year.
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