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  1. Thank you Andavari and nukecad.
  2. Hello, There are a couple of apps that I don't want ever to be updated. Is there some way of telling the Health Check to ignore them, please, I so I don't have to keep on deselecting them? Thank you.
  3. Hello nukecad! Wow... that's got to be the most impressive and helpful reply I've ever received. On any forum. Thank you sincerely. I'm going to send it to the chap who looks after the machine. He doesn't trust me to do anything more than press the power button! In the meantime, I owe you a couple of beers (and a whisky)! Thank you, again.
  4. Hello nukecad, Thanks for replying. It usually gets to 18% and stays there. I note 18% if I hover over the status bar. Custom Clean seems to work perfectly. Thanks again.
  5. Hello, When using Health Check, the program sometimes hangs. I think I know what's going on - or not going on! I have 6 internal hard drives. They're set to go to sleep when not used for a while. I think CCleaner Pro isn't managing to wake any sleeping ones and eventually just hangs. Does this sound likely, please? And, apart from my having to wake them by activating each in turn, is there a solution, please? Thank you.
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