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  1. Thanks for your respose. If it's not a bug from your side, it's ok... I just want you know about this problem. I hope your programmer can fix this problem soon. I think this problem can prevented before release with better testing phase. How user test the program it's up to the user. I test it without internet connection and that problem happen so I report to you. So If I find problem like this, where I must report it on this forum? Thank you.
  2. Steps to reproduce: 1. Turn off your internet connection. 2. Open CCleaner 3. Click Tools 4. Click Software Updater 5. See task manager, CCleaner is starting to show "not responding" status. 6. After that, CCleaner will show error message: An error occured with code: Failed To Make Connection (26) 7. I try to close CCleaner window, the window has been succesfully closed but the error message still show and I cannot close it. 8. I must End Task CCleaner process on Task Manager to close that error message. Product version: CCleaner 5.64.7613
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