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  1. I did some sleuthing online and discovered that you can run CCleaner in debug mode. Here's what it spat out. I hope someone can make sense of this. https://pastebin.com/C0XTrYaS EDIT: I tried creating a dummy `license.ini` and running CCleaner in debug mode once again (debug code 0) https://pastebin.com/5A1XPahL This time, I got something of a response. CCleaner still exited out immediately, but I got a screen asking me for my name and license key. I am now convinced that there is something wrong with memory location 0x7ffc56cd2d58, but I don't really know what to do with this i
  2. Argh, too late to edit above post, so I have to double post. Did some googling on the `0xc0000005` error, and I guess that the corresponding error code for that hex address is an access violation error. Some of the solutions listed included running SFC, memtest, chkdsk, and reinstalling drivers. I don't know what drivers to reinstall to get CCleaner to work (this is the only thing that, to my knowledge, is giving me this error) and SFC, memtest, and chkdsk all did not do much. I also attempted fiddling with bios. There were no options to remove/forget HDDs or anything like that. The bes
  3. I tried uninstalling 5.64 and installing 5.63, but the installer still crashed. I decided to boot back in to safe mode in order to grab the exact error message that pops up whenever the installer crashes. Interestingly enough, the installer failure error message is the same as when I try to launch CCleaner 5.64 in safe mode. It is as follows: Exception Processing Message 0xc0000005 Parameters 0x7ffc56cd2d58 0x7ffc56cd2d58 0x7ffc56cd2d58 0x7ffc56cd2d58 The header for the error message was: CCleaner 5.6(x) FREE FOR PERSONAL USE -- CCleaner64.exe where the (x) is either 5.6
  4. Slim installer was able to install correctly, and SFC showed no errors. Now, CClearner won't launch at all--its entry in task manager only shows up momentarily, then disappears.
  5. Cool, I will keep that in mind if it starts happening again! The chkdsk seems to have caught and fixed it, but this is the second time it's happened and gotten fixed. I never really had a solid explanation for it. Any ideas on getting CCleaner installed?
  6. MBAM and possibly Windows Defender? Also use SpyBot S&D but that doesn't have any automatic protection afaik. should have mentioned. whups.
  7. Hello, I've been trying to install CCleaner recently. I used to have it on this computer a while back, but whenever I tried to run a scan, it would crash. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling CCleaner, and it didn't work, so I gave up on it. Here I am now, and I am making the post I never bothered to a while back. Whenever I try to install CCleaner, be it the trial, free download, or slim version, the installer crashes as soon as I hit the 'Install' button. I've checked task manager for any preexisting CCleaner instances, but there is nothing. When I attempt the installation with task manage
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