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  1. So the only solution to the nagging is to uninstall the nagware. A senior executive from AVG's nagware department must have dreamed up that brilliant idea.
  2. Yes, clicking "No, thanks" closes the notification. I am posting because that does not prevent it from popping up again. I would like to disable it please.
  3. I'm using Ccleaner Free v 5.64.7577 and would also like to know how to stop the Health Check system tray notification. I haven't seen an "upgrade pop-up" yet, but it sounds like something that AVG formerly tried that drove away many users.
  4. Older versions are certainly a tempting option, but I would like to use v5.64.7577 because there will never be another update for Windows XP and Vista. (I also have a Windows 10 system that I dislike, so no upgrade advice please.) However, I would like to disable the system tray notification mentioned in the third post above. Would disabling Health Check in the registry accomplish that? (I understand that should restore Easy Clean.)
  5. Setting the Home Screen to Custom Clean is indeed a desirable setting, but I have more than once been annoyed by this system tray notification: Someone in the AVG division ("mother of all nagware") must have dreamed up that brilliant idea. How can I disable this from appearing again?
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