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  1. Thanks, great article! I had some crashes recently from power outages and a blue screen while poking around inside the box messin' with HD cables. Went ahead and installed the suggested version last night, and found a NEW section at the top dealing with Internet Explorer which I don't use at all. After that tried to update an alternate browser and that turned into a mass, so decided to System Restore back before CC update.
  2. Turns out I already downloaded v5.63.7540 on 10/16/2019. I'm running 64-bit CCleaner Free, is that ok?
  3. Yes, it says in the OP above: The Explorer `Thumbnail Cache´ box is unchecked in CC. Thx,
  4. Just realized the thumbnails in my image editor Paint Shop Pro have to be regenerated each day too. We'll see what happens, can get to the software update sometime this afternoon.
  5. Ok thanks, will do that and report back. You all know how long it can take scanning and generating a few thousand thumbnails, especially from compressed folders of BMPs.
  6. I'm a long-timer user of CCleaner and recently noticed Win7-64 `Explorer Thumbnails´ are GONE the next day after I run nighty sweeps and backups before PC is put in Sleep mode. I'm suspecting CCleaner is deleting the thumbnails, which take a LONG time to generate given how many there are! The Explorer `Thumbnail Cache´ box is unchecked in CC Windows setting. It might be because I have an older version of CC: v5.12.5431 (64-bit) Tried a Forum search of "Explorer Thumbnails" first, but wheel kept spinning and spinning with no results. Thanks,
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