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  1. Hi nukecad, Yes, I used the first option but somehow it did not work completely. Another page suggested the same rd option but had suggestion they called Method 2 as shown here: https://www.easeus.com/recover-deleted-files/fix-corrupted-windows-10-recycle-bin-and-restore-lost-data.html I used it and it worked! Thanks Very Much for helping, I hate a PC that is not "clean" and with CCleaner my PC is again clean.
  2. I looked at that article and it seems to focus on cleaning the WinSxS folder. My issue is that in the process of reverting to a previous Version (back to 1903 from 1909) Windows seems to have dumped the contents of WinSxS in the recycle bin. The bin is now overflowing and neither CCleaner or Disc Cleanup can clean it. Any Ideas?
  3. Thanks! I will try the suggestions in that article, will do so later today and let you know what happened.
  4. No, I had to search for these files and only then found out what the are all about. I recently rolled back Win 10 Pro version 1909 as I preferred Version 1903. This could perhaps have been a factor? I have no idea why these files ended up in the recycle bin. Just finding that file was only possible by using "Everything" to search for it. It is not possible to manually clean the C:\SRecycle.Bin\ file. It is huge >6gb
  5. In run CCleaner Pro and in the latest update v5.64.7613 in the Windows tree under System I have "Empty Recycle Bin" checked. In previous versions this was never an issue but in the new version CCleaner hangs around trying to clean the attached folders. Eventually it get's going but it is slowing things down and when I run CCleaner again it again tries to clean the same folders. I have now unticked the "systems - Empty Recycle Bin" box. I see these are WinSxS files. I tried Windows Admin Tools Disk Cleaner but it does not respond to Clean System files. It starts the process but then just disap
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