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  1. It worked out very well! I went in on safe mode! And uninstalled CCleaner did a scan after seems pretty fine! Thank you for the quick answers! And will to help me! That is something really good! Keep doing that! Cheers
  2. I’m sorry I was so stressed I’m running Windows 10 don’t know what update it was tried the safe mode and uninstall in trying to log in now to see! If that doesn’t work any clue?
  3. My computer got the virus and now my screen is only black after log in please help me!!
  4. I’m in big trouble! I downloaded this CCleaner because I got a lot of poop ups! Didn’t think twice! Download it tried to get use of it didn’t get any better thoe! The computer started running slow like a week after the download have been on the computer for so much! And now I did a windows update and can’t get back on I log in an it’s completely black! I tried to get the task manager up and restar the windows explorer but it won’t start please help me! My computer is lost I tried get malware thru usb stick and open it but it can’t find it! Can’t get browsers up I need serious help with this please help me!
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