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  1. os: win7 x64 a/v: bitdefender, turned off uac is turned off error opening file for writing: c:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe installer does install CCleaner64.exe if i chose ignore and continue install.
  2. confirmed, the reg hack that @hazelnut & @APMichael posted allowed CC to start and run. next update will "fix" this, i assume?
  3. win7 sp1 ultimate x64 updated cc tonight to 5.64.7613 x64 same issue as others with the freezing. task manager shows 2 processes for ccleaner64.exe. only msg in event log is audit success for ccleaner64.exe regarding the IP's for ccleaner's cloud and a request to DNS server. i can ping these points that ccleaner64 at times is calling:,,,, firewall was turned off on this system and hosts file is empty. no msg of error or blocking from a/v bitdefender.
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