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  1. Well done chaps, thank you so much for your help. I've cracked it now. I was indeed punching in a '1' when it should have been an 'I'. All sorted, thanks a million.
  2. Yes I always type them in by hand and never copy and paste. I'm not sure that I still have access to the original email anyway. I printed the original and always use that. As I say, once I click on 'cancel' it takes me straight into the programme. Can you tell from my attachment if I am actually still running the 'paid-for' version, even though it says FREE FOR HOME USE across the top. Thanks again for the help. Sorry if I appear a bit dim but, although I can cope reasonably well on a pc, I'm no techie man and am nearly 80!
  3. Hi again nukecad, Hopefully I have managed to attach an image of what I've got that will help you.
  4. Hiya nukecad, thank you for your input and the link. I did exactly as you suggested and I now have the latest version. However, after downloading it and arriving at the screen shown in your post above, I entered all of my details that I used when I first registered the programme and a message came up stating the details as 'invalid'. I then clicked on 'cancel' and it took me straight into the latest version. All seems to be working OK, so many thanks to all for the assistance. All very much appreciated.
  5. Thanks for your help folks but I'm getting nowhere fast! I have followed Tim's suggestion and said 'No thanks' but I can't see an option anywhere to download 5.64.7613, although I can see the Release Notes for that version. Other than that, all I can see is the opportunity to download the 'Free' version, or buy the Professional Version (which I have) or to buy the 'Professional Bundle' Sorry to be a pain. Is there a direct link to the download available? Thank you
  6. I keep getting a message telling me that I am not using the latest version of CCleaner and that I should download the available update. However, when I click on the link, all I get is an option to 'upgrade' and when I follow that, it's asking me for my details again and gives me the price for the upgrade. What am I doing wrong please? Many thanks.
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