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  1. I never claimed to be mad, I've claimed to be a professional who repaired the program I have used for many years. sounds like your the one whos mad because I have gotten exactly what everyone else wanted with out piriforms assistance and as long as I am not violating anything I would advise you to leave me alone. You might be a moderator but your not a professional.
  2. Copying my name or license will not get you what I have achieved like I said I'm a programmer.
  3. This is how mine looks when I check the subscription while I'm on line. NO popups.
  4. Good bye I will not be back considering I just edited the program Have Fun.
  5. In windows 10 go to local disk C or what ever your disk is named go to program files and not the one with x86 at the end go to CCleaner folder open it find the exe named CCleaner Updater if you hold your mouse over it will say emergency updater " Delete That exe and your popups will stop until the next time you update the program" but don't be surprised if the update function within the program does not work.
  6. As in most cases the popups are just annoying and a simple fix. I have purchased cCleaner from Piriform have 3 different license running on windows 10, on two computers and a laptop, I am a computer tech I build and program computers and without rewriting the program I stopped all popups, I'm running the version 564.7613 64bit and all future updates to the program if done this way will have to be downloaded manually and installed if a person is willing to take the chance that the program will not be rewritten again and more features will stop working or change like custom clean or health chec
  7. It does not matter what their new EULA says they can change that over the years it is legal but they can not legally change a lifetime professional license which my purchase says that would initiate a class action law suit. Seems I purchased my copy long before any of the above copies the same week it was released to the public. the new popup is just an advertisement to get a person to buy a subscription service for automatic updates and call in support , I always save to another hard drive the original purchased version and EULA. I WILL ALWAYS HAVE A PROFESSIONAL VERSION ! I never allow a pro
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