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  1. I know that edge has pre loading and this needs to be disabled in order to properly use CC on it. Now that IE11 is 'unsupported' by Microsoft they are pushing the Edge. many of us are still running 32 bit OS (win 7 or earlier). Are there plans to include Edge in the autodetect and auto populate fields? Even if CC just cleans the cookies, browser history, search history that would be a big step in including 32 bit users.
  2. With more and more programs basing installation on specific machine identification numbers I think it would be useful to add in some of the more common parameters used. One of the main values I see referenced is the hard drive serial number. This can be read currently with a simple 'dir' command from the console. Another value often used is the drive letter where the program or OS is installed (C, D, etc). Occasionally I see checks on the bios data. This command line shows the values often referred to. wmic csproduct get name, identifyingnumber, uuid Adding these to the
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