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  1. Alright thank you. As far as I see, nothing is blocking CC but as long as the health check is nothing more than fluff then I'll just ignore it. As far as screenshot, the lightshot application wont work because ccleaner closes upon opening the app and I've tried several manual prntscrn and alt-prt scrn, win-prt scrn, etc. Open the paint, paste and nothing happens. I haven't used the paint feature since win 7 so maybe I'm doing something wrong. I'm certainly not an advanced or even a moderately technical computer person but I usually have no issues navigating with some guidance, Thank you for
  2. Hi, when trying to run the new Health Feature, it continually states that it can't establish a connection. Not sure why, I have an internet connection and it's working fine. Tried it with VPN both on and off, no difference. Doesn't seem like I can take a screen shot with ccleaner open
  3. How do you get this box to quit popping up every time it does a clean? It gets in my way too often and I have to stop what I'm doing and X it out several times per day.
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