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  1. @Nukecad FS still on for the moment, but as said, restarting solved the problem, so i will keep on for the moment just because in 3 (don't remember) years with Win10, never had this kind of issue, and honestly, if restarting can solve it when happens, i don't see reason to shut off this fast boot option
  2. Never thinked about that. Thanks for your tip hazelnut
  3. By restarting the pc, not shutting down, everything seems working fine once again. Probably something went crazy in FF and CCleaner was not able to shut it down. I was sure that was not related on latest FF version because on my laptop (same OS version and same FF and CCleaner version) everything worked fine. I was in doubt if the problem could be causated by the fact i moved my FF profile from the SSD to my HDD (even for a month everything worked fine). Now everything it seems fixed, so this 3D can be closed or marked as solved i assume Thanks for your help, much appreciated
  4. i shut down the pc yesterday evening and boot up this morning. So it should not running at all, in fact if i check task manager there's no firefox applications or process (that i know they were linked to ff) running.
  5. i've restarted my pc, and even without opening Firefox, CCleaner says it's running, so there's something (probably at this point on FF side) that's been recognized as running even FF is not really running i assume. Thanks for your reply, for the moment i keep deleting my cache manually.
  6. Since yesterday evening (till saturday evening everything was working fine) i can't clear firefox cache because CCleaner free (v 5.63.7540) says it still running. It ask to force the shutdown, but is not able to do it. Is this a bug (i saw in the past already happened with older versions of CCleaner) or not? Thanks in advance I've already tried to uninstall and reinstall if after cleaning the folders but no luck, is still not working.
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