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  1. haha! who knows what lurks in the heart of M'soft :D
  2. It fixed itself the next time - strange, but I'm grateful :D Thanks again!
  3. Thanks again! The MBs listed now matches the KBs in details (94 MB = 94,000KB) so I think I'm good to go. But I'll know what to do if it goes haywire again, thanks to you! every good wish - Cheers! have a pint for me :D
  4. Okay, so I turned off the 24 hour preferences and ran but it still stalled. culprit seems to be Firefox cache. Canceled scan and changed to basic clean not level 1 secure. Clean works fine in this mode. So I'm good to go this way. However, the analysis report is still showing MB to be cleaned but the details only show KB, Anyone know why? Thanks again!
  5. Thanks so much. I've just unchecked the boxes regarding 24 hours and will run Cc with my fingers crossed, and if not fixed then will proceed with the other troubleshooting. Also thought about using normal file deletion if there's not any sensitive info to clear. If all else fails, I could do a reinstall, I guess. As for the os using the file - don't think so, as I'm careful to be offline and not have any other programs running...except for M'soft Security Essentials. Perhaps that's the culprit? Never had a problem before though. Thanks again, I'll report back later.
  6. Why does the analysis show 90MB to be removed but the details only show 90KB? It's taking forever to clean. running Win7 SP1 with microsoft security essentials
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